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Featured Exhibitors

Make your gifts and décors personal with instax prints


A customized gift or decor will always stand out in the sea of mass-produced items from a mall. They are a great way to make lasting impressions without breaking the bank.


To make handmade goodies more interesting, consider using photographs like Fujifilm’s instax prints as accessories. The wallet-sized photo prints, which come in different borders, can be used for holiday decors, personalized giveaways, or scrapbook materials.


All-year craft idea


Meream Pacayra, a renowned craft blogger based in Cebu, shares a simple craft idea using the instant photographs.


“A do-it-yourself (DIY) doily decor that involves only gluing and layering materials is a great handmade ornament. Basically, you glue an instax photo to a doily, add embellishments, and hang. Very easy!” says Pacayra. “You only need a doily, red and green pattern papers, ribbons, embellishments, and an instax photo.”


Creating bespoke gift tags is another great DIY project. Begin by determining an instax photo print for the project, then sticking a washi tape to the borders of the photo to create a frame. Finally, use a paper puncher to bore a small hole where a colorful string can be looped.


Counting the days of 2017 can be more exciting with a personalized calendar made more special with instax photos. Just glue instax photos onto a store-bought calendar, add details by sticking washi tapes on the corners of the calendar, writing special notes, and encircling special dates using colorful pens.


Fujifilm’s instax


Fujifilm, a trusted name in the field of photography, is the distributor of instax brand of cameras, photo system, films, and printers.


First introduced in the late 90s, the instax camera has a system that can print a photo seconds after it was taken. Its models include the instax Mini 90, instax Mini 70, instax Mini 8, instax Mini Hello Kitty, instax Mini 50S, instax Mini 25, and instax Wide 300.


Instax at SmartKids Asia Philippines


To get more instax arts and crafts ideas, visit the Fujifilm Philippines booth at SmartKids Asia Philippines (SKAP), the country’s largest kids’ party, that will be held on January 28 to 29, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.


Participants will be treated to a host of activities including stage performances, mascot appearances, and exciting games with prizes


Originating from Malaysia 14 years ago, then subsequently conquering Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines, SmartKids Asia brings together interactive booths, engaging classes, exciting stage performances and many other innovative activities for the whole family to enjoy.


SmartKids Asia aims to help parents or guardians discover where the interest and potential of their children lay, be it in music, arts, sports, culinary arts or in other disciplines.


SKAP tickets are available at MetroDeal and can also be purchased on the event days.


How to make a DIY doily


Materials needed here are doily, red and green pattern paper, ribbons, embellishments, instax photo, a pair of scissors, and a bottle of glue.




Step 1: Cut a circle smaller than the doily using the pattern paper.




Step 2: Cut leaf shapes in green and red paper for the poinsettia.




Step 3: Fold the ribbon in half and glue to the doily. Paste the red pattern paper on top.




Step 4: Glue your instax photo on top.




Step 5: Add embellishments.





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