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5 tips to keep your family healthy

and active this 2019


PR Bear Brand Photo


Now that 2019 is upon us, this is the perfect time to improve your family’s health habits and enhance your current lifestyle to keep each member of your household right as rain the entire year.


As parents, you have the responsibility to instill in your children the importance of developing good food habits and doing daily physical activity. To help you with this challenging duty, we give you these five tips:


1. Find fun in going physically active. Regular physical activity is essential for the growth, development, and well-being of an individual. It also promotes stronger bones, muscles, and joints. If a daily exercise routine sounds a bit difficult, an hour of physical activity at least thrice a week is not a bad idea. A simple jog around your neighborhood is a good starter. You can make this more fun by doing it together as a family.


2. Make sure that everyone gets adequate sleep. Having a sound sleep supports rapid physical and mental development. Several studies have shown that people who regularly get adequate amounts of sleep tend to be more attentive, behaved, focused, and physically and mentally healthy. On the other hand, it was also proven that not having enough sleep increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. For school aged-children, seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended.


3. Limit sweet intake. Did you know that consuming too many sugary food and drinks can make you feel full, thus leaving less room for healthy food? Aside from extra calories, too much sugar can also lead to cavities and even to diabetes. Take note that you can still treat yourselves with your favorite desserts, but make sure that you do so in moderation.


4. Redesign your home menu. A well-balanced diet is one sure key to healthy eating habits. Therefore, an organized meal plan is a way to go. A well-planned family diet should include nutrient-dense foods like lean meat and poultry, eggs, soy products, fruits, vegetables, grains, and other dairy goods (e.g. milk, yoghurt, and cheese). While instant food may be convenient, filling your diet with such can cause an array of problems. Unlike home-cooked meals, instant foods contain higher amounts of unwanted nutrients like salt, fat, and various types of additives (artificial chemicals).


5. Drink a glass of milk everyday. Drinking milk is highly recommended because of its high calcium content that contributes to stronger bones and muscles. It is also an excellent source of nutrients that your body relies on to properly absorb calcium, including vitamin D, vitamin K, phosphorus, and magnesium. Providing quality milk drinks fortified with nutrients essential for the growth of the family is how Bear Brand continues to strengthen generations of Filipino families.


To date, aside from Bear Brand® Fortified Milk Drink, they also offer Bear Brand Choco, Bear Brand Real Strawberry, and Bear Brand Adult Plus. Bear Brand Real Strawberry comes with real fruit bits that contain the same amount of Tibay-Resistensya nutrients as Bear Brand® Fortified Milk Drink. On the other hand, Bear Brand Adult Plus is a high-Calcium powdered milk drink especially formulated for adults within ages 19-29. It is fortified with adult level nutrients such as 100% B-Vitamins that help adults stay productive at work.


When it comes to product quality, Bear Brand is the only milk brand that has been proven and tested by Department of Science and Technology Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) to have positive effects in eradicating micronutrient deficiency or the lacking of essential vitamins and minerals required for proper growth and development. With its Tibay-Resistensya Nutrients (high levels of Zinc, Iron, and 100% Vitamin C), Bear Brand contributes to a child’s reduction of tiredness or fatigue, boosting immunity, and proper growth.


Bear Brand at SmartKids Asia, Philippines 2019


Bear Brand is set to bring fun and interactive activities in the fifth run of SmartKids Asia, Philippines, dubbed as the country’s largest educational kids’ fair. It was first established in Malaysia in 2002 and later set foot in Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines.


From numerous exhibitors who have prepared their own gimmicks for everyone, the excitement spills even more because of its diverse stage and classroom activities focused on education, health, and family bonding.


SmartKids Asia Philippines will be held on January 26 to 27, 2019 at Halls 1 and 2, SMX Convention Center, Manila. Enjoy discounted tickets for this event at Metrodeal ( and visit the SmartKids Asia Philippines Facebook page for more event details and updates (


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