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About Us

About SmartKids Asia Philippines

SmartKids Asia Philippines, Asia’s LARGEST Educational Kids’ Fair is a family event where parents and children can discover and experience educational stimulation while having fun! SmartKids Asia Philippines offers unparalleled opportunities to explore the potential of children through must-see demonstrations, family-centric exhibits and product booths.

Combined with Education, Healthcare and Family Bonding activities , it is an ideal platform for parents to explore and focus on building blocks of a happy child and a strong family relationship for lifelong benefits. Definitely a Not-To-Be Missed Family Fair of the year!



Why SmartEdu

SmartEdu gives parents great enrichment options and opportunity to research and select the best possible fit for their child’s learning needs. Kids can benefits from numerous educational activities which have been designed to nurture the various aspects of childhood growth.

At SmartEduwe are purveyors of innovative education systems & resources to help shape the development of children who will later on become successful in life.

  • Academic Development such as Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science and more
  • Schools and Learning Centre such as Childcare Centres, Infant Care, Kindergartens, Pre-Schools, Student Care Centres, Tuition Centres
  • Enrichment Programs such as Art & Craft, Dance, IT, Music, Speech & Drama, etc.
  • Educational Resources such as Libraries, Books, e-Learning, Videos, Software, Educational Toys/Games



Why SmartHealth

With a mission to advance families’ health through learning, discovery and communication, the SmartHealth sector focuses on gathering suitable health products and services for children. A healthy lifestyle is the foundation for a happy life thus it is important that parents and children are encouraged to engage in some form of physical activity on a regular basis as well as keeping watch on their nutrition for lifelong benefits.

At SmartHealth, we provide health knowledge to educate and spread awareness to families. We believe that a healthy childhood leads to a strong and happy adult life.

  • Family Health Products such as health supplements, vitamins, oral health products, eye care products, water purifier, etc.
  • Family Eating Healthily which includes organic products, healthy restaurants, health books & recipes, and more
  • Family Health Services such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, psychiatrist services
  • Kids Physical Development Products & Clubs such as sports clubs, gymnasiums, sports equipment, gymnastics, karate, dance, etc.



Why SmartFamily

With the support of National Family Council, Singapore Kindness Movement, National Environment Agency, Singapore Traffic Police and more, SmartKids Asia aims to advance family relationships as psychologists believe that children learn the most from their family, and that what children become in life is very much dependent on their family life and relationship. A child with strong family ties are almost always happier.

At SmartFamily, we help families foster strong family ties and bonds, as well as assist in shaping the personality of children.

  • Family Relationship Services such as Family Services Centres, Family & Marriage Counselling Centres, Psychiatrists, Disability Services and more
  • Family Attractions & Memberships Clubs such as Recreational Activities, Venue Attractions, Restaurants, and more
  • Family Bonding Activities such as Board Games, Trivias, TV Programs, Video Games, Photography, Travel Activities, etc.